Cashmere: Fiber from the Elegant Goat

For centuries, cashmere has been the fiber of luxury and elegance. It's characteristics of warmth without weight, exquisite draping and it's incomparable hand have made it the favorite of haute couture designers. Traditionally, cashmere has only been available in limited supply from exotic lands but recently the goats have been introduced to North America, opening up an enormous variety of fiber choices for handspinners. In this seminar, we'll look at cashmeres from all over the world. We'll look at how cashmeres and cashgoras are classified and the pro's and con's of both of these fibers. We'll cover how to de-hair and prepare the fibers for spinning and the proper spinning techniques to produce stable and long-lasting yarns. you'll also get a chance to learn as little about these curious, wild, independent animals that are catching the fancy of many small flock producers in North America.

No. of Participants:15 students. Should be able to spin a continuous thread and have working relationship with their wheel.

Equipment: Students should bring their wheels with all its parts and extra drive band material. If they have more than one wheel to choose from, bring the one with the highest ratio. They should bring cotton cards if they have them. Notebook and pen.

Supplies: I provide all the spinning materials and there is a $5.00 fiber fee. Students should bring any problem fibers.

Studio Equipment Needed:

Audio Visual:

Class Length:1 day.